Between Local and Global: The Implementation of International Education in a Taiwanese Preschool

Yvonne Yu-Feng Liu,Su-Hui Chou
page. 57~79 / 2017 Vol.11 No.3


This research aims to explore how international education can be better practiced in the Taiwanesepreschool context where there appears a myth for the push of "being global." Collaborative actionresearch was conducted and data was collected from one preschool in Taiwan, which included teachingobservations and semi-structured interviews with teachers. Three findings are as follows. First,strategies in the implementation of international education were creating new and genuine foreigncontact with flexible design. Second, with the foreign contact experience, children have newfoundand brighter cultural vision which trigger children's cultural thinking. Third, children graduallychange their cultural bias by simply labelling culture as either Taiwan or foreign without discrimination.

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