Children’s Engagement with Their Learning Using E-portfolios

Nicola Goodman,Sue Cherrington
page. 17~38 / 2017 Vol.11 No.3


Narrative approaches to documentation and assessment in early childhood education (ECE)encourage children to be active contributors to their own learning journey. The growing emphasis ontechnology in society is changing assessment practices, with the introduction of e-portfolios into ECE,extending traditional documentation methods. Despite their growing popularity in New Zealand ECEsettings, little research into their impact on children and their learning has been undertaken to date.This study examined children's engagement with their learning using e-portfolios through a nationalonline survey and case studies of two ECE centres. This article presents findings from the study,including children's engagement with hard-copy and e-portfolios, connections between home and thecentre, and teacher practice to inform how teachers may utilise e-portfolios to support children’slearning.

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