A study of the involvement of Japanese early childhood teachers in Clean-up Time

Fuminori Nakatsubo, Junko Minowa, Kiyomi Akita,Fumiko Sunaga
page. 69~85 / 2009 Vol.3 No.1


The purpose of this study is to examine actual individual situations involving Japanese early childhood teachers during Clean-up Time. In this study, we utilized the method of video analysis. This is a useful study method as it can examine the interaction between teachers and children in detail and allows in depth discussion using videos as cues for arriving at discourse. The research findings were as follows: (1) The teachers adopt strategies appropriate to the children’s different ages and levels of development. (2) Even as the teachers try to get the children to change their behaviors in line with their wishes, they sympathize with the feelings and values in the children’s world of play. (3) As the teachers persuade young children to finish playing and move on to Clean-up Time, they underscore a group mindset and sense of companionship.

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