Evidence-Based Practice, Professionalism and Respect for Diversity: A Tense Relation

Michel Vandenbroeck
page. 1~20 / 2012 Vol.6 No.1


There is a global tendency towards evidence-based practice in education, meaning that practice ismolded by research that prescribes “what works” to achieve predefined outcomes. This may presentserious pitfalls. Considering that early childhood education in all affluent regions and beyond has to dealwith social and cultural diversity, professionals will have to work in contexts of unpredictability andcomplexity. In this manuscript we develop the central pedagogical questions regarding respect fordiversity and their consequences for the professionalization of the early years workforce.Professionalism needs to be understood as systemic and reflective. This may be in tension withevidence-based practice, as the latter leads to standardization and prescription, reducing the discretionaryspace of professionals. Moreover, evidence-based practice may represent serious democratic deficits,excluding children and parents from the societal debate about what early childhood education is for.

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