An Analysis of Attitudes, Perceptions, and Practices of Shared Reading among Preschool Teachers in Malaysia

Affizal Ahmad;Wan Yi Low;Hui Min Low
page. 23~44 / 2018 Vol.12 No.3


Shared reading is a common instructional activity in preschools. However, not all preschool teachers receive training in shared reading. This research investigated factors that influenced the attitudes, perceptions, and practices of shared reading among an urban sample of preschool teachers in Malaysia. The findings revealed that prior training experience in shared reading courses or seminars significantly influenced preschool teachers’ attitudes toward shared reading. Those who reportedly had attended the training were found to have more positive attitudes toward shared reading than those who had not received any training. Further investigations also revealed differences in their perceptions and practices of shared reading. Specifically, there was reduced emphasis on theacquisition of print knowledge and the development of independent readers by the preschool teachers who had not received any training. Implications of the findings in relation to supporting early literacy development are discussed.

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