The Korean-Vietnamese Multicultural Families’ Experiences of Visiting Maternal Homes in Vietnam

Yonghee Hong, YoungE Ra, Haejeon Kim, Wooyong Jeun, Jiyoung Oh
page. 107~128 / 2019 Vol.13 No.1


The purpose of this research was to explore the experiences of Korean-Vietnamese multicultural families when visiting their maternal homeland, Vietnam, and to investigate the educational program of supporting their visits. The research participants were 42 Korean-Vietnamese multicultural families who participated in the program. Researchers collected data through group discussion and pre- and follow-up interviews with participants. The results of this research were as follows. As for the children, first, they became closer to the culture of their mother’s country. Second, they confirmed family affection when they received love and a hearty welcome from their maternal family members. Third, their interest in the Vietnamese language, food, clothing, and shelter increased through personally experiencing and understanding Vietnamese culture. Fourth, visiting their maternal home helped them understand and form a positive view of their own multicultural identity. As for the mothers, their confidence was restored while they shared the joy of the family reunion. Second, the mothers were able to please their parents by showing their happy married life. Third, the mothers were able to expand exchanges among marriage-immigrant women and find hope for the future by interacting with other multicultural families. As for the fathers, first, through the visit to their wife’s parents’ home, they understood the difficulties that their wife underwent in Korea and their attitude changed in that they made efforts to be more considerate towards their wife. Second, they felt a more intimate connection with their wife’s family as a result of receiving a hearty welcome and having a good time. Third, they discovered the multicultural potential of their children and thought about their children’s future in a positive way. It is expected that the educational program of supporting visits to their maternal home will be developed into one that supports the holistic development and growth of multicultural family children with the goal of helping those children to develop multicultural capabilities and grow to be global leaders.

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