Strengthening Scientific Curiosity Through Science Experiences: Three Case Studies

Raella Kahuroa, Linda Mitchell, Erin McFlynn, Ann-Marie Day, Catherine Vaughan, Rachel Young, Brooke Maxwell
page. 1~23 / 2023 Vol.17 No.1


This article focuses on pedagogical approaches for strengthening scientific curiosity in young children, arguing that scientific curiosity supports children to become scientifically literate, and to engage in a world in which science plays a crucial role. The article analyses data, including children’s working theories about science from a research study in an Aotearoa New Zealand kindergarten. The focus is on three case study children from refugee and immigrant backgrounds, learning English an additional language, and whom teachers had identified were not accessing science learning. Teachers sought to enhance children’s scientific curiosity, through inviting participation in a range of science experiences around the concept of transforming substances. Teachers’ careful set-up of science experiences supported children’s scientific curiosity and working theories about science. Teachers used a variety of techniques to provoke children to observe, describe, predict and theorise. Children’s friendship groups supported active participation in and confidence in their science experiences.

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