Using Philosophical Discussion in Exploring Kindergarten Teachers' Perceptions on the Application of Intercultural Education

Soonhwan Kim, Hyowon Suh
page. 89~109 / 2023 Vol.17 No.2


This study aims to conduct philosophical discussions with kindergarten teachers to understand their perceptions regarding the adoption of intercultural education through. To this end, eight kindergarten teachers’ perceptions of intercultural education were grasped, initially through individual face-to-face interviews and additionally-after dividing the teachers into two groups of four-through philosophical discussions. First, through repeated questioning and grounds suggestions on philosophical questions during the active discussion, the kindergarten teachers were found to engage in reconceptualization toward mutual agreement. Secondly, the teachers were found to have different perceptions of how intercultural education affects early childhood teachers versus how it affects children. They suggested that philosophical discussions may be effective in intercultural education for teachers, while a democratic class climate should be formed within the current framework of education in advance to allow children to practice intercultural education. Ultimately, it was suggested that the highlighted topics and cases that make intercultural education possible should be developed for early childhood teachers and children.

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